Top 5 Vietnamese dishes you should know

1. PHO (Vietnamese noodle soup)

Actually, Pho is just one of a wide range of noodles soup in Vietnam which presents a rich and clear broth with meat (commonly beef or chicken) and spices. The northern style of Pho in Hanoi is the most well-liked dish.


This sweet-smelling and flavorful dish combines many different ingredients in one bowl. Pho is a popular street food that you can easily come up with this dish anywhere you wander.

2. GOI CUON (Spring rolls)

This dish can become a family favorite with refreshing spring rolls from fried variety. It is a cool appetizer for summer time and tastily dipped in sauces.


Each roll is made of pock, shrimp, crab meat, shredded carrots, etc. and the result is absolutely yummy and tantalizing. They can be served with fresh herbs and lettuce leaves.

3. COM CHIEN (Fried rice)

Try this fabulous Vietnamese style fried rice with bits of eggs, cilantro, flavorsome sausage and may have some other ingredients. The stirring egg combining with rice mixture, tender crisp of vegetables and soy sauce make a mouth-watering bowl that you can’t help to savor immediately.


4. BANH CUON (Steamed rice cake)

This kind of dish is made from an extremely thin, wide sheet of steamed rice batter filled with pork, ear mushroom, and minced shallots.


Banh cuon can be your perfect holiday food which is served with plenty of steamed bean, fried shallots and the tasty sausage on the side. Take a chance to taste this cuisine and feel the essence of flavor.

5. BANH CHUNG (Vietnamese sticky rice cake)

Commonly be seen in the Lunar New Year event of Vietnamese people, Banh chung is popular in the North while the similar Banh tet is well-accepted in the South but their contents are the same.


The sticky rice is wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed with bean, pork and black pepper. Besides the Lunar New Year, Banh chung can be eaten all year around as a delicacy of Vietnamese foods and one of the national dishes of the country.

There are still many more gorgeous Vietnamese dishes that you can only discover while traveling into Vietnam. Go exploring yourself and decide which one you like the most!

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