Mai Chau
Pom Coong Village Mai Chau
Pom Coong village belongs to Mai Chau town, Mai Chau district. Like other villages of the Muong, Thai, the Pom Coong village often live in area which has rivers, streams. The Thai is famous for traditional dance. Different from stilted houses of other ethnic, stilted house of the Thai often taller that that one so that it always creates comfortable feeling. The floor is above the ground 2 meters. The window in the house has big size. At the roof of stilted house, the Thai are making brocade, bags, and clothes to attract tourists. The souvenir is various and beautiful with vivid color which make stilted become more attractive.
The special of Pom Coong has "pure Thai" space with clean water, water construction which creates comfortable and safe feeling. Coming here, tourists will feel the fresh air and peaceful of life, you will forget the fatigues. In addition, you will have chance to meet local girls in the dance.
Tourists visit Pom Coong village who are foreigners, students. They want to understand more about ethnic life, the Thai and soak into the Thai daily life, traditional dance, gong festivals, home stay and other activities... Tourists are not only sight views but also join hands with Pom Coong to help poor families.
Pom Coong village becomes more attractive spots for tourists. Traditional dance together with stem wine brings unforgettable impression. These are also souvenir products manufactured by Thai people such as "pieu" handkerchiefs, wallets, handbags and clothes made of brocade. And one thing to remember, once coming here, the tourists should taste the specialities of this region: delicious "ruou can" (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) made of "nep" (glutinous rice), "hinh ho" leaf, ginger and so on, and "com lam" (a rice dish) Mai Chau.
As far as eating is concerned, all guesthouses in the villages offer food at quite reasonable prices and varying standards. If they don't live up to your expectations there is little option other than to track back into town to try the local restaurants. Be warned though you will struggle to find anything of outstanding worth there.
Lac Village Mai Chau
Lac village is located in Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh Province with unique traditions. Hoa Binh province is far about 7 kilometers from Hanoi; tourists must go 60 kilometers to Mai Chau. Lac village has 5 Thai ethnic: Ha, Lo, Mac, and Loc. According to the head of Lac village -Ha Cong Tim, Lac village has over 700 years old.
Previously, the professions of the local people were rice planting and weaving brocade. Later, the hidden beauty of Lac village is explored by tourists.
In 1993, DPC in Mai Chau proposal Hoa Binh province allow tourists to stay overnight in the village. Therefore, the name of Lac village has been well known as a "bright spot" on the tourist's map of Vietnam.
From weaving scarf, brocade dress to wear, women in the village have made a lot of souvenirs for tourists such as: scarf, skirts, lovely wallet... Coming to Lac village, tourists can enjoy bamboo cooked rice, experience their daily life.
Ethnic people are very gentle, friendly. In the afternoon, there has strangely beautiful with the rays of the sun into the valley. Lac villagers will roast meat, cook a pot of bitter bamboo for tourists. They can enjoy traditional dishes and listening to the thrill gongs.
Visiting to Lac Village, all kinds of tiredness will be disappeared. The range of mountain blends with cloud and green of rice fields along with stilted houses creates spectacular scene of Lac village. Let's spending holiday in here to experience exciting feeling
It would be lacking of interesting if tourists not to go the Lac's market. There includes small simple stalls. Locals are considered as a funny and enthusiastic tour guide who shows tourists strange items.
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Mai Chau

Highlights : Enjoying music show and Special BBQ dinner party Experiencing homestay overnight, cooking & eating with the local people Cycling, biking, trekking through the rice paddy fields and rural villages of Mai Chau

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